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There are plenty of gentlemen out there and you may be one of them. Nice guys are stuck in the "friends only" category with women they want to date. Here are a few ways to distinguish whether you are a gentleman who creates attraction and excitement in women or whether you are just another guy who is seen as "nice."Gentlemanly behavior versus Nice Guy behavior: A gentleman opens doors for a lady and touches her gently on the elbow, upper back, or shoulder.When a woman says, "I like you as a friend," you can throw away your chance of being anything more. He is not afraid of letting her know his interest in her through this type of touching.I applaud you for wanting to save money and for seeking advice on this very important issue.Living together would take your relationship to a new level of exploration.I would suggest taking a close look at your motivation for wanting to live together. Be very clear on your level of commitment to each other and what the word really means to you.If you decide to live together, -- be aware that you will be engaging in many of the dynamics of a committed relationship.

Each issue, we'll publish a few answers from our RCI coaches. Before I make any decisions to move forward with this, I would like to get some advice – pros and cons.

The final 6 months' "test drive" should be just a ripple in the stream, not a major decision.

Randy Hurlburt | 858.455.0799 Liz responds …The desire to spend money wisely is on most people's agenda now.

This non-sexual touching still creates a sexual tension.

He is not afraid to break the touch barrier in a non-threatening way.


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  4. If you are tired of being stuck in the Friend Zone and you're ready to do something about it, check out Facilidating. Gentleman Versus Nice Guy.

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