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Excel screenupdating not working

The easy way is to block almost everything from view, in order to give the user the feeling that he is not in the standard Excel. Pretty much with two subs – one to deactivate all of the aforementioned at the start of the program and one to activate it back.

Something like this: Users are happy, that they do not see the status bar, grid lines, toolbar, scroll bars and the rest of the beauties from Excel. As simple as this 🙂 Here comes the code: Option Explicit Sub Outstanding() Application.

This happens when Excel attempts to redraw the screen to show changes made by the running macro. If you use the macro recorder, you may have noticed that it's fond of using the Select method to explicitly reference things.

With the new encryption scheme, protecting and unprotecting a worksheet in code takes a touch longer. I don’t know what exactly to do about the protection problem.

My code opens templates, unprotects them, writes stuff, combines them into a final report, and reprotects them.

Specifically, built-in updating features and explicit references to the sheet or a range will slow down your code.

Admittedly, with today's fast systems, simple macros won't always need optimization.


  1. Mar 28, 2012. This will make the Microsoft Excel Screen Freeze, Lock Up or Remain the same while. ScreenUpdating - Disabling Macro's Actions From Appearing. I created a rather long macro at work to generate a laboratory test report and it takes around 3 seconds to run but during that time the various worksheets.

  2. Is there any way temporary disable the screen update & the change the calculate mode from automatic to manual like MS Excel does. ScreenUpdating = False Application. Please, edit the initial post in the topic add the word Solved at the beginning of the subject line - if your problem has been solved.

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