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Duritz dating history

‘I have to learn how to live with it, but at least I can function properly now.’ Duritz’s troubles have had a profound impact on his personal life.While two members of Counting Crows, keyboardist Charley Gillingham and guitarist David Bryson, are now fathers, the singer admits he is unlikely to settle down in the near future.

‘The news that Kurt had shot himself was devastating,’ says Duritz.

The 40-year-old actress has recorded the pre-show announcement for Off-Broadway’s Cruel Intentions: The ’90s Musical Experience — the sly send-up of Roger Kumble’s 1999 teen classic that’s now playing at New York City’s (le) Poisson Rouge.

In the announcement, exclusive to listen to on People, Gellar doesn’t waste any time tapping into her character’s biting tongue.

However, the band’s fifth and latest studio album, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings, is their last to be released through traditional channels.

Having ended their 15-year association with Geffen in March, the newly independent group are keen to explore the possibilities of the internet.


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