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I'd fixed up that old Besson, with leadpipe mods and shortened tuning slides so that it had a hope of playing in tune some of the time.

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And it was recommended by my teacher, so I bought it.

The current stable comprises seven horns, some too new for this picture. Miraphones are sort of out-of-fashion these days, for some reason. This is one of the best BBb 4/4 German-style horns ever made, to my ears anyway.

The big boy on the left is a Miraphone 186-4U BBb contrabass tuba.

advantage to leaving it in bare brass (at least for me without the ears to hear a sonic difference) is that the technician doesn't have to file and polish nearly so much metal off the horn. It, um, sounds better than way (that's my story and I'm sticking with it). This horn was restored by Pete Rodriquez in San Antonio, and is almost like new. I have no picture to post at the moment, but the euphonium I play when I'm asked to play euphonium is an old Besson New Standard.

When I got it back six months later, I found that it was the horn I kept taking to gigs. Here's another view of the Miraphone: The smallest member of the collection is an old F. The New Standard was the precursor to the Sovereign, to which it is identical.


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  2. My Tuba Family. The current stable comprises seven horns, some too new for this picture. Each has a story. At least the stories are interesting to me.

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