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I pray that the world becomes a place where I look forward to the future and not fear it.

I’m not ready for what’s to come, but God I pray it’s better than what we have now.

I’m not ready to explain to her that she controls her own body and no one is allowed to tell her otherwise.

I’m not ready to tell her how she doesn’t need to ‘sext’ a boy, take inappropriate selfies or engage in intercourse before marriage just because society has now deemed them acceptable actions and part of the norm when I know in my heart that they are not.

No dating, just straight to the father for permission, and boom – marriage city. Registrations are already closed for the "World's First and Biggest Halal Matchmaking" event that will be running tomorrow from 10am - 5pm, but if you're interested, you can head to now to register.

We wish the 72 men and 72 women who will be attending tomorrow at multi-purpose hall, Telekom Malaysia Convention Centre the best of luck.

I pray that as she continues to get older, the world changes. I pray that we go back to simpler times before phones monopolized all of our time and all of the technology that now consumes every one of us and continues to start earlier and earlier in age.

I pray we get back to being able to enjoy the little things in life like nature and family dinners or having a REAL conversation that isn’t over text message.

More importantly, it avoids fitnah, heartbreak, premarital pregnancy, premarital sex, abandoned babies and all 50 Shades of Haram." That escalated very quickly. The initiative was started by a group of social activist and friends that were similarly married in a syariah compliant manner.If all 144 get married you can bet we're going to cover it again.For some much of my life I felt like time stood still. I couldn’t fast forward to get to all the things I wanted, or at least thought I did. I want to freeze moments so I can hold on to them a little longer (like this photo of me and my daughter who loved to laugh and hold my face close as a baby).On the last page, when she solved the puzzle the ring appeared. Once those three elements in the circle are lined up, the christmas tree can slide up. The back cover is the road we were traveling on the day that I proposed.To solve the puzzle, you need to know that we met at Santa Con, how we were dressed and where we had our first kiss. I found an image online and then photoshopped the RV in.I’m not ready for the arguments about why she needs a phone before she is 16 because times are different from when I was young. I’m not ready for her to see the world as I see it now knowing that as she’s growing up it will be even worse.I’m not ready to explain to her that the morals and values I have much of the world no longer has.Growing up, Shirin loved to make fairytale story books for her family so, for the proposal, I decided to create a fairytale story based on our relationship.Each page was locked until she solved a puzzle about our relationship.I’m not ready to wipe away the tears from the first boy that breaks her heart or friends that hurt her feelings.I’m not ready to watch the innocence fade from her eyes when she realizes the world is not what she had thought or hoped it would be. So for now, I will enjoy every moment and as much as I can. I just hope as she grows up she will know as I now know (thank you mom) that I’m only doing and saying the things that I will because I love her and want to protect her (even though I know I won’t always be able to).


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  2. Feb 21, 2017. I'm not ready to explain to her that the Internet is a powerful yet very dangerous tool. I'm not ready for her to be exposed to things that she doesn't need to be, and definitely not at such a young age. I'm not ready for the cyber bullying or bullying in general. I'm not ready to explain to her that she controls her.

  3. May 13, 2016. Yeah, you read that right, halal dating. Now don't dismiss this as a fascist, movement to stifle liberty, far from it. The organisers' intentions are to "challenge the modern dating fairy tale" and to "change the way people fall in love". Reading the FAQ on their website halalspeeddating.com, the organisers are.

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