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Sadly, the realities of life have proven that is not the case.Nevertheless, this way of thinking is so ingrained in me that it shapes how I go about everything in life and most recently I realised it’s also how I approach my love life.This is where without me realising it, my ‘goal getting’ nature kicked in.When it ended, I read through the six months’ worth of texts and recalled time spent together, and I couldn’t help but feel responsible for my broken heart. Why couldn’t I let go of what I wanted and move on?If that’s not what you’re getting something isn’t right.

In sixth grade, he and a friend make their way into a canyon next to a Little League field; discover and steal a stash of porn; and find themselves being chased by two bearded homeless men, each of whom looked like Nick Nolte molded in beef jerky.When someone tells you they can’t be with you, but that they like you a lot, have feelings for you etc – focus on the most important part of that information. I had decided that I wanted him and I wasn’t going to admit defeat until I’d at least tried to change his mind (anyone else found themselves in this situation before? Of course he gave me moments of hope but those were merely his moments of weakness. It made no sense because the longer it went on and the stronger my feelings became, the more miserable I felt.So after some soul searching and a lots of tears here are my top 3 reasons why it is never wise to chase someone… The more I felt him pull away the harder I fought to ‘keep’ him.If you find that you’re in a situation were your insecurities are taking centre stage, use it as an opportunity to get to know yourself better.What insecurities are being highlighted at this time?For me, it threw up feelings of being unlovable, the thought that I won’t ever find someone to love me, because there is something ‘wrong’ with me. Not true, just because the guy you like doesn’t want to be with you, doesn’t mean someone else will feel the same.Free yourself to be in a position where you’re able to be ‘open’ to guy. It’s impossible to feel happy when you’re not getting what you want.So, rather than chasing your crush, and having to deal with feelings of sadness, instability and ‘drug withdrawal’ when it all goes tits up (and it will), choose your happiness (early on) above all else. Everyone deserves to be with someone who can give them the love and support they need.Someone who can dedicate time to them and who is willing and able to nurture a relationship.Pursuing someone who doesn’t really want to be chased is counterproductive to the pursuit of happiness.It sounds simple but obviously in reality it isn’t.


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