Dating victirian hardware

The best reproduction late-19th-century hardware is typically made by one of these methods.) Less expensive hardware was stamped rather than cast in the same fashionable designs.

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More rarely and expensively, brass hardware was imported from England.

As the Movement evolved into a full-blown style, manufacturers of builders’ hardware jumped on the bandwagon, mass-producing versions of Stickley-style escutcheon plates in stamped brass.

Romantic Revivals By the 1920s, the more obvious Arts & Crafts hardware was passé.

Filled with authentic antique hardware, the Old Hardware Store has thousands of restoration pieces dating from Mid-Century back to the 1870s.

Organized and categorized in the original old oak parts cabinets and bins, hinges, door knobs, and Victorian furniture pulls have a story to tell.


  1. Containing a wealth of lovely embellishments, the Victorian Centerset Bar Faucet gives your sink a refined look. Regal lever handles complement the hook spout, which extends from a beautifully embellished body.

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