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Dating site for 6 figure income

Lucky for you, you’re reading this post and likely other great financial publications as well. The more you educate yourself, the easier things will be.At your “B” college, if you are mediocre again, well then you are going to be stuck with mediocre opportunities.Do you really think you’re going to be able to compete with the student who gets straight A’s in high school who then gets straight A’s at Columbia for the same jobs and opportunities post graduation?There are plenty of different avenues you can take to breach that magical six figure mark.Doctors and lawyers routinely make multiple six figures.Get in any of the above schools, and enter any of the five industries I mentioned and you’ll likely make a median total pay package of 0,000 your very first year. You can attend business school at 25 or 55 and so long as you go to one of the best schools, the vast majority will make well over 0,000 a year upon graduation.

You didn’t do particularly well is school and read this post a little too late.

Classical Music: The San Francisco Symphony’s median salary is 0,000.

We know this because they went on strike on March 13, 2013 because they are underpaid by 5% compared to their LA and Chicago peers! Police Officers and Firefighters: Cops and firefighters with a couple decades worth of experience regularly earn over six figures a year.

This post names 30 firms which employ thousands combined and there are many more firms out there which pay just as well.

The great thing is that if you stick it out at any of these firms for 10 years, there’s a great chance you will be a millionaire in your 30s and a multi-millionaire in your 40s.


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