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By JEFFARAH GIBSON Tribune Features Writer [email protected] A dating sabbatical could be the very thing to improve prospects of love and marriage - at least that is what Bahamian author Kerel Pinder believes.In her new book “The One Year Challenge” set for release at the end of this month, she encourages singles to take a shot at the no dating task for 365 days.However after a bit of tugging from the Holy Spirit, I realised how much I needed to take this challenge,” she told Tribune Woman.Many women are in pursuit of love, marriage and finding their Prince Charming.This is a truth that I think a lot of men and women need to hear.I believe everyone wants to know what it feels like to experience unconditional love and to understand their purpose and for some to one day enjoy a God ordained marriage.“The One Year Challenge” is much more than zeroing out social engagements with eligible bachelors.

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After getting bruised and beaten-up enough, Anna decides to try to some new techniques.

In the process they end up kissing many frogs, getting heartbroken, losing themselves and their self esteem in the process.

Ms Pinder, too, experienced some of those feelings before taking “The One Year Challenge”.

We rally around her because she doesn’t moan, whine and complain, which now that she’s a big girl we can say, she doesn’t bitch!

Bad things come her way and she rolls with it, deals, because it’s life.


  1. The Marriage Sabbatical by Cheryl Jarvis, 9780767910026, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

  2. Hello Sorry for my absence here. I'm going to be taking a sabbatical from writing here to focus on my fashion and beauty blog, MidoriLei, for an undetermined

  3. The Dating Detox first came to my attention a while back when it was due to be released under the title of The Dating Sabbatical. all book the dating detox gemma.

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