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And, yet there is mounting evidence that some types of rock can be formed very quickly in catastrophic conditions.” “The effect that this has on our picture of the age of our earth is that the earth could conceivably be younger than 4 and 1/2 billion years that it’s customarily taken to be.

And, if that’s the case, then there’s been much less time available for life to evolve.

Pressure can generate coal in a relatively short period of time. “The rate that coal is formed is very controversial.

And, the answer to that is, in order to make Darwinism work, you have to have billions of years of time for natural selection to take place in.To change from single celled organisms to apes and humans would take a very long time.The key problems with Darwin’s theory are that there isn’t really solid empirical evidence.It’s conjecture on conjecture, supposition on supposition, very rational but still conjectures.It’s ironic that Darwinists have acted this century like the theory is conclusive, but there is no conclusive evidence of Darwinism.But of course, the ocean sediments are available to us in the form of the sedimentary crusts that have been posited all over the earth and there’s no sign of the meteoric dust there either.” The lack of meteoric material on earth would suggest that the earth is younger than is presently thought.The chief radioactive method that is used to date the earth is the uranium method, uranium radioactive mineral turns into lead over a long, long period of time.Now, if the earth really were Four thousand five hundred million years old, there would be millions and billions of tons of meteoric dust on the earth’s surface.And the dust is very easy to identify because it has 300 times more nickel content than terrestrial dust does. It’s been suggested that it’s been swept into ocean and incorporated into ocean sediment.It’s a series of cuts from an interview with Richard Milton on the sheer lack of evidence to support Darwin’s ideas of evolution from one species to another by the process of natural selection over long periods of time. Here’s what Milton basically says: He begins with artifacts.radioactive dating techniques, thought to be very accurate, but many doubt the accuracy of radioactive dating.


  1. Tag radioactive helium. There are many methods of dating that have been suggested over the last 50 years or so that don’t rely. Psychology; Science; Solar.

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