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Heqhen remi troza ‘ , to occupy the same position his own State; but, as be n Wkei* : her have for sol* ovary spectra of Fanil) and Manufacturing Machine* ! Th«o- Mu-hli ieov’u r-sieo L Th*** Morhiora a ratioual change of opinion. Home say it is’, oo lenient, ‘ it b -rith the humanity of’ KT.''! for on this its very existence, in i J®* ^nrvvr aocidently tweaked may us well let in onr own race aud them. " a d '*« d /‘»l- b |T »" d d *« «oul the “read and butter and good clothes. _ , , J J # 1 have tried to live no- V* - JUITttltl O, preine Court — God bless Georgia lor this -The editor oi a uew paper in Nebraska I Tlms C ar ' m ,“ y ^ 1,111 down ? He who ad- 'he malevolent* whose spirit thev are M. rm “ e, * t *»vcn-ignty i Hitarighi lothe , a v\ asm ngton letter- writer tel la a heretofore The reason of this ia obvious l^fore yesterday I senl her a ;ew lines, allegiance and W Tfi o B of its ci Uzens; a ” ro1 , or 3 r 01 ,lle President, by which it euough. Let no wave of sorrow I Any nation which baa wholly surrender- , saw ,,ie h“fher, very naturally. * ver cn«s her breast; no misfortune ever ;ed the allegiance of i U c Uizena, or l U cor- ^°J ,r ‘ n coat |MH*ket and pull * aa well qualified to discharge whatever I ra * 1 * ,s flighting shadow upon her soul! instkth ENTS ARE ENTIRELY fided, not to tlw Federal Government, but uin, a,.

* ■ are sold la this city, throughout the Called • and elsewhere AT W HOIKS a UR by Job K TM ) M# who as(l a rut -class Hktrta. aenwir m ' nl oooemo Ly on band and sold u Sea York IIT Itkk. Halrsmoms and Ot Bre 7 Mawtnlr Temele art» loss or the mno lempie.

' aid civilisation of the age, and in this in this ewe to drive N-w m.t intoh.samt- etns to have revived, for the moment at nent of Europe. country the ruling of theeoiirts has much t y» He then reviewt-I the iu-torv of Bv- ast, the Fenian excitement in that city The descent of the Speaker’s gavel here. • d .teller been adverse than tavoralile to ans f aojuaintane* and f-ieirdsfiir. o ’reord him in her uiay offcr, and IB whatever shape that then quietly remarked: “Ah, she evi- '^'.rpile during the hot weather, out of ” f b^ n r B' ,d a l're ad with telegraphic ” for-tiflf- i in tlie position he took hv motion to leeommitit, with instructions, on this point are frequent and explicit. Thtnapnoa then reviewed Z * pfiaied t his doctrine of the common law. and bv and held that where a man is impelled by tin kindness and part iality wou upon her a pa-sion or mama that be cannot control childish heart until, a- -he says -he, Mine occasion mav present itselt. :d^rss L«sj»iss: woe be Lo those wbo have forced il upou " «rd Heeclicr the credit in inventing the ™r Hl d «*tricts, I know, hut it cannot be ,1 ‘ a '! , J h nl vote to give colored tasiple every right ex- T,a * ,, HU "* of Raymond was called, time of the commission of the homicide, tlirning to the Paths of re.

From that Oil the question, “Shall the in ■'*** aud ua J' 9 » lhe result being ye .s t H. the House Mo- bil thing,” said Jones, dismissed Providence is kin, er to us 1 *,' P * u P°‘ e01 Bia arrival HJlfe , government as any ou the conti- yeas and nays, the result being ve . congratulated himself he whether, at this stage of the measure, a , »» guiltless of , rim*, and me dectstona ! • • den Uy though, you la-tter than nuq.” fugitives from the city, whereas, the first e M ,d T* ^ one who hcfit“h; J^ “ ^.^„ Z was in order, but the .speaker informed Mr.

litorv between State and Federal power that parties have not the wisdom and for- The Mew Customhouse l Umini* NEW IMPROVED Pamily SEWING MACHINES.

^Tth» a* 1 '; and that in no 2» M » BMat dotal at I mmfortm U* and mnmioi. Tin- truth in, there is an unsettled ter- N11H’ YORK Ci OKNII* Ac.


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