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Does anyone have recommendations for any good books or other sources? We are looking to restore and are in need of all the help we can get. It has the lift all, 2-row cultivator with rear sweeps and a frame mounted sickle bar mower, swinging draw bar, all laying in piles in the barn lot. Does anyone in the midwestern US have a block for sale that is not cracked.I have a Farmall B for sale, starts and runs nice, needs some work, brakes are weak, and there is minor damage to radiator cowling and hood. Will deliver for a price About to start working on my B Farmall. Exhaust stack rotted off years ago and the engine is all froze up. I have a 1941 Farmall BN athat had a tree growing through it. We got a 1940 B as a parts tractor, and the B was the one that ran! ; In 1981 I bought my great uncle's B Farmall as a keep sake on his estate sale. Is there anyone out there that may know where I can find one so I can mount it on my B? WE WOULD LIKE TO MAKE IT A TWO SEATER, BUT THE ONE WE BOUGHT HAS A "H" STYLE SEAT. Thanks to farmerike's serial number list, I have discovered thar my FAB 74515 means that it is a 1941. If I can get one, I can run it another 50 years.i do have a b forsale it in darn good shape like to sale it has about 85% tires in rear and same in the front i live in southwest missouri my phone number is 1417-357-6192 or cell 1-417-434-3645 asking 1500 0bo I bought the most worn out B along with several other old tractors in a package deal. Anyone with any info can e-mail me at; tommyr at I started out on a farmall b gas.The tractor originally belonged to a family that farmed in our county and having it as part of the Town s Hostetler Auto Museum would be very complimentary because of its history.Our problem is determining a serial number which I understand is on a small metal plate mounted on the seat upright. There is also a number stamped on the transmission case near the gear shift. Can it be used as a identification number in lieu of the missing serial number I have a IH farmall Model B, serial #151724 tractor that I would like to sell.Thank you can e-mail me at patcheshdtrk at windstream.netwe still have a farmall B on the family farm. used to pull BIG loads of field corn and wagon loads of soybeans. when we needed to move some things or pull things in or out we always said go get the B.i use to own 2 farmall B s and they are good tractors they can burn all day on 5 gallon of gas the most important thing u need to know about theese tractors is dont leave them out in the weather too long or else u may find water mix into the oil in ure transmission somehow rain gets into there keep them iside a shed if not in use for a while. My husband has his grandfather's Farmall B Culti-vision - The manual has a year handwritten in as 1946 with a serial # - Is there a way to verify the serial # without the left seat support bracket? Is there a way to slow the mower down so you can shift the gear? He put a battery on it about 4 months ago, however, the celinoyd ? Anyone interested in buying this 41-B can write the E-Mail address. Len, There is a place just West of Springfield, MO called "The Tractor Barn" (417-881-3668) that deals in used tractor parts that I have got several items from.used to get her in third gear which sonetimes got the exhaust pipe reddish colored. My tinkerman husband came home yesterday with an old Massey Ferguson 35 tractor. He bought it from a man that said he bought it used 34 years ago For novice tractor tinkertypes, any ideas By looking at old pics, I think it s from the 1950 s. Yesterday, while hooking up my finish mower to the home made 3 point hitch, I broke the output shaft on the PTO The mower was stuck from sitting all winter . My grandfather (Dad's dad) was an International salesman and sold it to my other grandfather (Mom's dad) who was a farmer. The tractor looks like everything is there down to the tool box but the seat is not original. Got to put a little labor in this B and need to sell it for brother-in-law with cancer. You might give them a call they may be able to help you out.

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The seat and steering is still offset to the right (like the Model A).Thanks Looking for a Mc Cormick Deering B-87 two-way moldboard plow for a 1946 B-Farmall or what ever plow was original equipment for a B , or any type one-bottom trip plow that can be pulled by the drawbar of the B tractor. And Yes I value the tractor very much, if any of you think a kid isn t worthy. My grandpa had a Farmall B and I can remember sitting on the bench swinging my feet.Call 515-371-1583This is for Mike who is looking for a 1946 International Harvester we have one for sale. Wish I could remember how old I was at the time---actually remember being a little scared!!! Love going to shows and admiring yours---THANKSi live in thief river falls mn and have owned a 1947 b for 13 years with a woods 59 deck belly mount. A friend of mine attached a belly mower with drive pulleys from the PTO. It has been running OK and cutting a 4 acre field, but I need something newer and this baby needs to be cleaned and shown.however we are trying to find out the year and cannot seem to find anyone that knows. Also be nice to see what attachments there were for this tractor. 182141, from what I have been to find out that means it was manufactured in 1947I'm about to get a real good deal? I recently picked up a 1941 Farmall-B from my brogher-in-law and ran it a bit this week end.can someone out there help us please e-mail us and let us know. My dad has a Super A so that is a lot different in what you can do with it. It runs good but I have never used a tractor with a brush-hog with no hydraulics.My father is in the process of selling his farm and his father s my grandpa s tractor was a 1939 Farmall B which he still has.I have found a 1/16th model Farmall B but wondering if anyone has ever come across model attachments.Any ideas as to what I need to do to make them work while the tractor is running I have owned my b for over ten years. They have been sitting for 20 years and are not in running condition. It has always been indoors, but like anything else needs painting. I have seen several photos of restored "B" models with this setup.We are interested in selling them but not sure how much to ask. Contact me at 815-894-3482 thats in Illinoishave a farmall B tractor that still runs and good rubber but sitting outside for 4 months now can not crank it to start it my husband always done that would like to sell it but not sure what to ask for it the tractor is going to waste just sitting have what we think is a farmall model b fab. Something that I can see what I am looking for when I am working on it. But most i see have the leaf spring setup like the model "A".No water pump on these tractors, most used thermo siphon to move water. I have a Farmall BN for sale--10 years ago spent 00 rebuilding and 8 years ago another 800 (paint ect)runs great--was using for mowing 3 year ago--Belongs to mother in law--she's 91--wants to sell tractor to good home__did i say she was 91?? I'm looking for a good used Farmall B preferably a 1940 to restore I'm in Ca. Please send pictures or e-mail information to damit2hel at or call 209-368-3275Is anyone interested in buying a 1945 B ? I have not seen a B with only one wheel Caleb I take it you were asking me your question. Equiped with full set of wheel weights, pulley-power take off, starter but no lights or generator. I took the B to a salvage yard and kept the mower and adapters in hopes of finding another old B to put it on. The gas in the gas tank has turned to black gummy yuk. I checked BINDER books and ordered a reproduction owners' operating manual from them.I never knew it to overheat and we worked it hard pulling a 2-bottom plow. --I have a B Farm All, I love it, Still use it daily to this day, needs some minor mechanical work done on it, and could also use a paint job as well. I got a lot of comments on this rig when I used it. I am now mowing with a 140 Farmall with a Woods 60" mower. call 915-223-2886 ask for Norris (San Angelo, Tx.)I have a B, s/n FAB163629, built in 1946, I think. It has all kinds of info for the B and is well worth the price.


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