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The best accepted value for an age of HR 8799 is 30 million years, consistent with being a member of the Columba Association co-moving group of stars.Detailed analysis of the star's spectrum reveals that it has a slight overabundance of carbon and oxygen compared to the Sun (by approximately 30% and 10% respectively).I would appreciate a person who has a good sense of who he is and a sense of direction about where he wants to be. I know that men and women all have an inner child within and that is why I would appreciate days filled with fun and laughter.I can appreciate a man who sees a woman as a friend and a partner. I respect and adhere to taking care of business in life--family,work, community, etc High energy, very fit, intelligent, health & fitness enthusiast, gym & sports rat, adventurous, confident, passionate, love art & ancient cultures, mythology, tales of woe, well traveled & educated, GREAT COOK, artistic, cheerful, optimistic, very athletic, wicked sense of humor, sensuous, culturally and politically sauvy.

We cater not only to to Transsexuals but also Transgender women as well.The star HR 8799 is a member of the Lambda Boötis (λ Boo) class, a group of peculiar stars with an unusual lack of metals—elements heavier than hydrogen and helium—in their upper atmosphere.Because of this special status, stars like HR 8799 have a very complex spectral type.It has roughly 1.5 times the Sun's mass and 4.9 times its luminosity.It is part of a system that also contains a debris disk and at least four massive planets.While some Lambda Boötis stars have sulfur abundances similar to that of the Sun, this is not the case for HR 8799; the sulfur abundance is only around 35% of the solar level.The star is also poor in elements heavier than sodium: for example, the iron abundance is only 28% of the solar iron abundance.However, this is disputed because it would make the planets become brown dwarfs to fit into the cooling models.Brown dwarfs would not be stable in such a configuration.We do not discriminate and our goal is to support the TS/TG community fully.Join our community today and help us make the internet a safer place for TS women to find dates!


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  3. HR 8799 is a roughly 30 million-year-old main-sequence star located 129 light years 39 parsecs away from Earth in the constellation of Pegasus. It has roughly 1.5.

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