Dating and networking

Peers of mine had experienced both men and women “sliding” into their DMs on Linked In with more personal than professional goals in mind.

“There was this one study in the 1920s of working women, asking, “Why did you change your last job?Then she got an ambiguous message suggesting they get drinks to help “build the connection.” One friend met someone out at a bar one night and was later contacted by him on Linked In based off only a first name.Potential daters love as much information at their fingertips as possible, and app developers, who treat dating and networking like two sides of the same social media coin, have found big business in gathering that data.In the thick of the #Me Too movement that has brought so much attention to the unsavory abuses of workplace relationships for sexual and romantic gratification, I was surprised to see this blatant flirtation creep into my professional space.But I quickly found out I was not alone in this experience.“I see you keep winning Elizabeth also you have an awesome smile.” Winky face. But these were messages I received from a man I’ve never met and who is twice my age on Linked In. These messages would have been innocent enough, hardly a blip in the often-crass landscape of direct messages women have come to expect on dating apps.It’s all about being forced to actively market ourselves to stand out in a hyper-competitive crowd.Work for millennials is a very different experience than it was for most of our parents or grandparents. We stay at a job for shorter amounts of time, our email is almost always on, and independent contract work is on the rise.Historically, work was heavily agricultural, and individuals rarely left the home to do their work duties.They relied on family members and community networks to arrange their marriages—marriages that were required for economic security and producing heirs to that agricultural work and rarely included love as a consideration at all.


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