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tough to find a high dividend payout among the consumer discretionary stocks i think will stand to benefit through the strength of the consumer. we have to manufacture things in this country between. and, yeah, i think our capital markets are broke for projects like elio. together, probably 10, 12 points on the dow on the downside. you put it altogether, these five dow stocks, five out of 30, are almost half of the reason that the dow is up 840 points. and so, again, our fund has gone through those maturations, being very defensive earlier in the year, and then really having to rotate through the middle of the year and that's taken us to places like japanese financials, so the top of our holdings you would see something like sumitomo, names like baidu and names like ibm. did your model pick that up prior to the election or did it notice that afterwards and sort of ride the momentum at that point?

but ce it's sold, the usually i't a way to keep improving tt oduct. that's because analysts estimate about a third of all online purchases do get returned. it is a tiny fraction of the overall peak season volume. there is all different ways that consumers deal with it, that retailers deal with it. trying to discern and parse the emotional swing of the market and this one has been emotional because other than dollar and interest rates in oil prices, if you point to those dollar interest rates oil prices, all negatives. so there is obviously a bit of a tailwind behind the economy now.

plus, we're hitting the malls to get a post holiday shopping check. in other words, the situation with china, the dollar's move has been vicious, trump has been let's say pretty hostile toward china. talked about goldman sachs, 25% of the dow move since the election is goldman. you're seeing some of that out of fear that rates may be going higher. could the wealth of donald trump's cabinet actually create problems for them during the confirmation process?

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so i don't look through so much this particular christmas season as much as what holds for coach ahead and in the meantime, you get about a 3.8% dividend yield. good to point out what stocks are impacting the dow, how they're moving forward or holding it back. all of these things are issues facing the new trump team. if they hold theirs together, they get three republicans to stop some of the nominees and i'm sure that one of them is go -- likely to go down given some of the opposition on these various fronts. so for 240 consecutive months we have gotten poor as a nation. is there stuff, say, listen, i love america, but i can't get this widget -- we don't make it here? so most of that period was surrounding fund-raising, right? check out some of the movers this how the nasdaq hitting an all time record electroday hiin. iran sealed a deal to buy 80 boeing jets for half the announced price. add it all together, that's how you get 25 points up in the dow. these are modest moves because of the percentage moves, point moves. this is why i tell you the big companies, the big priced companies really move these indexes around, travelers is responsible for about 8% of the move, 3m, boeing and apple, another 6%. our next guest's active fund is up 11% on calls driven, he says, by his own unique strategy. earlier in the year, growth and defensiveness was the order of the day. we have seen, you know, three or four different iterations over the course of the year where value, global cyclicals and small cap have turned themselves into leadership, which is doesn't tend to be normal in one calendar year. they had crazy predictions out there which turned out to not be true.

also, as your guest just mentioned, most people are -- have not taken gains because if you have -- say you're sitting and a million bucks of gains, why would you sell stocks now? the wealth factors into the issue because donald trump ran as a blue collar populist favoring candidate, and he's appointed a bunch of very wealthy people to office, but there are other dimensions of that as well. we're looking to combine quantitative factors, many things you all talk about with your guests and viewers daily, beta, smart beta and factors.

retail, forget athleisure, why bathleisure is the new trend. so you have a chance of maybe a little faster devaluation coming to the new year. in the meantime, most of the rest of the dow is on the flat side. so boeing, down there, fractionally, that's about five points on the dow in the other direction. i think this is a -- i think this is a continuation of a solid trend that has some more upward room -- more upward thank you for having me. john harwood with that angle of the story from washington.

it is shrinking its store base, paying down debt and repackaging itself as a more fluent shopping experience than one that got diluted by having its name and its symbol on every walk of life in the clothing lines. now, tom price's issue is he's favored big changes to medicare which is the middle class retirement health program, those are changes that are shared in support by paul ryan, the house speaker, but donald trump said in the campaign he wasn't going to touch medicare. his strategy for making that happen straight ahead. one of my biggest concerns for our country is we had a negative trade deficit for the last 20 years, right. there is a lot of things that go into your car, smaller than a normal car, but a lot of components, can you get everything you need made here? is there something that will change under a president trump that is beneficial for your company? apple is another roughly 7 points on the dow and ibm and merck and 3m, throw in 11 points on the dow. melissa mentioned boeing down, home depot, nike, procter. goldman sachs is responsible for about 160 points, about 21% of the reason the dow is up is just one stock. again, this is because of the difference of the way the indexes are weighted. and they have dragged that index thank you very much. and it has been a year that has been defined by a pretty violent style rotation. they said if trump is going to be elected, then the s&p will decline 15%.

yeah, well, in other words, yeah, sell stocks, you buy bonds, bonds have just had over the last, like you said, tyler, over the last six, seven weeks, one of the most vicious periods in the history of treasuries. i think that presents an opportunity on the long side. he's appointing a goldman sachs alum to head his treasury department. then you have somebody like tom price, not a billionaire, not a rich guy, a physician, appointed to be the head of health and human services. still ahead, keeping jobs in america, one of the pillars of the trump presidency is one of the must haves for our next guest. let's welcome in a man working to build a new kind of car company, right here in the united states, paul elio of elio motors joining us now. we had your cars here outside of cnbc a couple of years ago. as a guy that wants to create a lot of jobs in the united states in louisiana to be specific, does anything that you've heard from the president-elect make you happy, make you frustrated, make you nervous? i think overall commitment to making things here again is critical. i don't know we make it, because i don't think that number will shift a lot. but like our audio, our audio is so, paul, you founded the company in 2009 and one car, a p-5 introduced at the l.a. i'm curious, between those points in time and today, were there things involved in the regulatory climate, in just the economic climate that prevented you from accelerating the rollout of your cars? the highest priced stock and far and away the biggest influence this quarter and since the election and this month, that's about 7 points on the dow. what is this strategy that you use and i gather it is a bit of a hybrid of two sort of strands of investment thinking that many of our viewer would be familiar with. well, it is -- as you know, tyler, been a really interesting year. so that really becomes a fundamental judgment override when the two start to conflict.


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