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Color dating system

The two different routes: Friendship Route: Normal Intimate Hitting the actions that give hearts will take you down the route to Intimate, while hitting the actions that give stars will take you down the playful route.

I'm not 100% sure if there's a sure way to get Blissful or not, but just hitting a mixture of the star and heart actions got them to Blissful.

You're just wanting to get them in the right mood for Pillow Talk.

If you're fast enough though you can hit the action quick and get back into the purple zone, though with the new update, if you go too far into the blue you wont have enough time to make it back before they end the date.You don't have to do all this though if you're just looking to get max affinity for the trophy. This is just more for if you're trying to get all 4 of the cutscenes.I'm a fan of SAO myself, so I enjoyed reading them.I know there are guides on how to "abuse" it to quickly get to a bed scene, but that's not the question. (Seems to be somewhat random though, which is which? Which one flys out makes the stars/hearts patterns in the two bottom corners larger showing how much star/heart progress you've made this session. Not sure if advanced to next level, or somehow zeroed out? There are 2 relationship mood "tracks", I'll call 'em Intimacy and Playfullness.I'm not particularly interested in them, and they don't seem particularly hard to access. Which dating spot you are in decides the topic of conversation.2. Hearts give heart progress, stars give star progress. Playfullness increases from stars, intimacy from hearts. The color of the friendship bar indicates which mood track is "in the lead".10.As far as the stars/hearts go, they're not exactly random.It's set in stone which actions give stars/hearts, but the actions that give stars/hearts vary depending on what mood they're in.I've been able to get all four of the cutscenes just between those three moods.If you look closely when hitting one of the actions when moving closer to them (actions as in hitting square to smile/hold hands/kiss/ect), there'll either be hearts or stars that'll shoot out from the center depending on the action.The color of the heart is the only thing you have to worry about.You're safe to hit any actions until the heart turns blue.


  1. Swipe "left" on profiles to skip them. - When you match, use our live messaging system to chat with details about Color Dating's privacy policy can be found here https.

  2. Apr 14, 2017. One editor gives a first-person, honest review of seven popular dating apps she's used—and all the pros and cons that come along with them. It also has a built-in monetary system called "beans," so you can buy coffee beans to like more bagels if you so choose. I went on a few really nice dates, but no.

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