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It may be less expensive, too; most therapists charge about a dollar a minute for email consultations -- slightly less than the and up they might charge for a 50-minute online chat or office visit.The anonymity of the Internet is also sometimes cited as an advantage by people who don't want others to know they are seeing a therapist.But "it is folly to think anything going into a computer is anonymous," warns Taintor."It is all electronically retrievable data." For some people, the nonvisual nature of cybertherapy is what appeals.Then a client suggested a solution: Why not seek therapy online?Hundreds of licensed mental health professionals -- and some unlicensed freelancers -- are offering such services through email and online chat rooms.Therapy will be conducted (via email or chat rooms) with remote or extended family members located thousands of miles from each other." Despite these predictions, online therapy remains controversial.

You can also keep a written record of your therapist's advice for future reference by saving copies of the messages you exchange.

"I always had trouble talking about my feelings face to face," she says. Stone is the only person I've been able to open up to 100%; he helped me channel my energies in positive ways." Martha Ainsworth, a Princeton, N.

J.-based web page designer, also testifies to the benefits of online therapy -- under the right circumstances.

In 1996, Ainsworth found only 12 therapists willing to counsel her online, and felt confident with only one.

"It was really convenient doing therapy by email," she says.


  1. Within ten years, computers will become so embedded in our lives, we won't even think of this as telehealth," she says. "The housebound patient will be able to receive care on a regular basis. Therapy will be conducted via email or chat rooms with remote or extended family members located thousands of miles from each.

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