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You really feel that Thor trusts and loves his brother, while Loki’s feelings on Thor are made clear over time.One thing that makes their relationship so strong is the performances by Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, who both give their characters plenty of depth and humanity.I would say that Tom Hiddleston steals the movie as Loki, but Chris Hemsworth keeps right up with him through the movie, proving this movie is quite the coming out party for both young actors.As for Loki, I have to say that he’s my favorite Marvel villain yet (Red Skull could top him, but we’ll see).Director Kenneth Branaugh made his reputation on directing Shakespeare adaptations, and he translates the same sense of epic scale and character drama to this movie.So I give Thor 5/5 and it’s definitely kicking the summer off on the right foot., Kev On Stage, You Find Music ' Share Your Sound', Krystal, And then i met you, Kevin Gates, Addicted 2 Big Bang Theory, Intelligence is sexy, Florida Lottery, Anxiety,, Best Buy, Video Game Trading Post - Pensacola, Hulu, Meteorologist Kaitlin Wright, Legalize it, don't Criticize it, Eater, The Walking Dead Fan Club, Deep Thought, Whataburger, Be Here Now, Depression Dating, Casper, Hot Ones, Juggalo Family Support, 70s and 80s Kids Rule OK, East Hill Medical Group, Catfish Cooley, Spirit Halloween, Tommy Chong,, Windows, Food Coma, Bumpboxx, Publix, If nothing lasts forever, please be my nothing, Broken Heart Quotes, Broken Heart Quotes, Broken Heart Quotes and Pictures, Cannabis Training University, Karma has no menu.You get served what you deserve., Jim Cantore, I Miss The 90's, Walmart Pensacola - S Blue Angel Pkwy, Toyota USA, Arby's, Keep the plug in the jug, Word Porn, The Slow Roasted Italian, Learning In Life, Food Envy, Anxiety Awareness, We get high, Domino's Pizza, Sorry, I'm Not Sorry, Waffle House (Orange Beach), I Eat Sleep and Breathe Halloween, I support people who suffer from depression and anxiety, Meteorologist Ashley Ruiz, Throwback Lounge, Twisted, Mc Donald's, Kathryn Daniel, I Love Pitbulls, Recovery Unplugged - Fort Lauderdale, Jolt Cola, I Love You Quotes ღ, Cannabis Advocacy Network, Anxiety, Folgers, 3am Thoughts, The Graffiti Bridge, Empathy Welcome, Old Spice, Tears of a Lonely Heart, Stackin', Florida Gators - SEC Country, KFC, Funk off, It's funny., Zodiac Signs, Child Of The 80s & 90s, I don't mind, You don't matter, Waffle House Memes, Suffering Hearts: Suicide and Mental Health Support, Freedom Pop, Daily Mail, The Spiritual Intellect, Allen Strum, John Morgan, Marijuana Memes, The Human Experience Podcast, UNILAD, Stoners Party, Chubby Girls, Still Real To Us, FACT, Life is a Bitch, Anxiety & I, Loving a BPD Man, Pitbull TR, Sarcasm Society, Diehard Miami Fans, WWE on Pop, Ringside Intel, Herb, Stuff For Stoners, Pit Bull's, Depressing Quotes., Depressed Feelings, Depression quotes, Depression Quotes, Depression quotes, Depression quotes, Depression Quotes, LGBTQ, Steak 'n Shake, Watch Comet, Now This Weed, Miami Heat True Fans, COPS, Waffle House (17352 Perdido Key Dr, Pensacola), Bliss Empire, Wrestlemania 33, Florida Gators Men's Basketball, Florida Gators, Meow Share, Lil Bizzy, Movie Web, Vinyl Music Hall, Cheech and Chong, Fuck love forever alone, vonvon, Meaww, KBDProductions TV, Julie's Freebies, The Goddess Next Door, Queezie, The Official "Uncle Henry" Page, Chronic illness support.

Many classic comic book characters are in this movie and all have a role to perform and all contribute to the plot at one point.Most of the comedy is delivered by Thor himself, and Kat Dennings, who is mostly there for comic relief but thankfully she isn’t as annoying as she could have been.As for the supporting cast, well I can’t really pick out a weak link.Tom Hiddleston makes Loki a very sympathetic villain, and at times you find yourself kind of rooting for him because you can see where his motivations are coming from.As for Thor, well he really is the main focus of the movie.All of the actors are spot on, especially Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, and Natalie Portman.There are a few Easter eggs thrown in, and all of them work.Though it’s just a summer popcorn movie, it kicks off the summer movie season in grand fashion and all subsequent comic book movies this year have a lot to live up to.I want to stay as spoiler free as possible, but in short, is the story of the Asgardian warrior banished to Earth to learn humility.The Avengers star and his wife Elsa Pataky welcomed a baby girl in London on Friday, according to Us Weekly.Sources told the publication that the bundle of joy has been named India.


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