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I thought it might be interesting to see how students of a predominantly white University in a fairly good neighborhood perceived the disparity.

[Photo by Matthew Lambrecht] Lisa Keim Question: Is there anything else you would like to share about this topic?

These numbers alone would indicate that white people are in fact being arrested more frequently than their black counterparts. According to Lin, the total percentage of white people in the United States makes up for 69 percent of the population, so that arrest statistic checks out.

I sat down and talked with Jeffery Lin, who is a Criminology Professor at the University of Denver who is interested in why these numbers are so different.This makes it necessary for departments and precincts to get creative, and efficient when patrolling so that they can put their resources where they are most needed.Lin said police are more likely to stop a young black male in a pretext stop because they are more likely to be carrying contraband, and an officer might argue that he is just doing his job more efficiently.It is entirely possible that a person living in a different circumstance might have a vastly different view of things, as it is now clear to me that there is such a disparity in arrest data for black and white offenders.But its not all doom and gloom according to Lin, things are starting to change for the better, “It’s a hopeful moment,” he said.Answer: “With all the events currently happening around the world, I think the disparity is going to become larger.Fear leads to misunderstanding, hate, suspicion and stereotyping.”Both of these reactions were from white females living at a predominantly white, private University.Answer: “If people simply understood that if no matter what race you are if you follow the law and treat officers with respect, then these issues will most likely improve.”The first student I spoke with was Lisa Keim.When asked if she thought the current jail and prison populations accurately represent the demographics that commit the most crime.“I’m not going to stop and old Chinese lady cause she’s not going to have anything” Lin explained.It is not just arresting where we see differences in black and white populations however.


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