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Chat deaf funny chat

That's why they constantly call VR users 'rich'.

Also, this is important, but I think VRChat should never have private DMs.

How do you sign "what's your favorite video game? I think in the end, while what you've said is true, it's 1. Does not take into account mute people who don't have the skills or time to learn how to make/import a custom avatar and make a marker effect for it.

If VRChat were only for content creators, there wouldn't be any need for avatar libraries.

I'm more immersed because VR is immersive by design.

The issue is that you can't easily take away a feature and it will be immensely destructive to VRCHAT' S goals to add such a feature, not to mention text is one of the worst parts about VR right now anyway due to other technological limitations. use meme avatars (jiggly T-pose rainbow Neptune, rainbow Wendy, Livin' like Larry, Cory in the House, Weed Miku, Bong Alien, Ronald Mcdonald, can of beans with pink arms and legs, Kanna meme, windows 95 box, etc), Honestly, I've never really felt truly 'immersed' in VRChat itself, because that's impossible.

There is no better way to remind you that you are in a game, than to have everyone around you popping up speech bubbles with smilies and stuff in them.

I am all for accessibility for the disabled, but speech bubbles is not the anwser, if it was a chatroom that I can see in my menu... But then of course people will then request being able to private message people...

What's important is none of these people aren't using VR by choice.

They mostly feel like they can't afford it or it wouldn't be a good investment.


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