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Chart organizational procedure updating

4 Maintain Security Code/Validation Key (ttiex3102m000) On the basis of the security code and the requested system configuration, Baan will generate two more codes: a validation key for BAAN IV Tools and a validation key for standard software.Software distributors who have developed their own modules or customizations, could issue a validation key for these modules or customizations.The commercial functions of BAAN IV Tools include user interfaces and database drivers.For each commercial function, the period for which it is validated is entered.In addition to the names of the commercial functions, the period for which they will be validated must be entered.

The message The validation procedure and its result After BAAN IV has been installed on the system, the software can be used for a period of two weeks, starting from the date of the installation.1 Maintain Requested System Configuration(ttiex3100m000) The procedure begins by entering the commercial functions per package, standard or customized, which will be used after the validation.This is done in the Maintain Requested System Configuration (ttiex3100m000) session.It is imperative that the codes are entered correctly, since any error will cause the software to become inoperable.5 Validate Tools Set (ttiex3220m000) Next, the actual validation process is started by means of the Validate Tools Set (ttiex3220m000) session.The final steps are the validation of the tool set and the configuration of the application.After this procedure, the installed software must be validated correctly.For user interfaces, the maximum number of users allowed to use the packages concurrently is also specified.3 Print Requested System Configuration (ttiex3400m000) Next, a report of the requested system configuration is printed and sent to Baan.The mechanism can also be used by dealers to protect any customizations made by them.This functionality is implemented by means of th licd6.1 license daemon.


  1. Methods. Starting from these four categories, this article aims at defining a semiquantitative analytic framework to measure organizational resilience in complex.

  2. Organizational knowledge, ISO 9015, Clause 7.1.6,Types of knowledge,Organizational Knowledge Resources, Organizational learning, Comunity of practice, Pretesh.

  3. ISO 9001-Clause 4.2,Clause 4.2.1,Clause 4.2.2,Clause 4.2.3,Clause 4.2.4,Control of records,Control of documents,Quality Manual,Mandatory Procedures,records

  4. The validation procedure and its result. After BAAN IV has been installed on the system, the software can be used for a period of two weeks, starting from the date of.

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