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Supporters will applaud him, and opponents will pile on.House Freedom Caucus What a difference a few years can make.

Democrats Did Democrats come out looking good or bad by refusing to vote with Republicans to avoid a shutdown? President Donald Trump hammered Democrats, accusing them of favoring protections for undocumented workers over keeping the government open.And the fact that the deadline for dealing with DACA isn’t until March helps bolster the GOP claim that the Democrats’ sense of urgency on the issue was overblown.In the end, it likely won’t be a clear win for Republicans in Congress.Part of his appeal to voters stemmed from his argument that Washington was broken, and that he alone could fix it.That vision doesn’t square with a government shutdown, plain and simple.But they’ll come away with a decent argument for why they shouldn’t be blamed for the shutdown.The big question will be if the public agrees when it comes time to vote this fall. On the one hand, in the 2016 presidential election Trump campaigned as a smart executive who would run the country like a successful private business.It’s exactly the type of bare knuckles, oppose-everything spirit that many on the left — especially progressives — have been looking for since Trump took office.So while conservatives voters may see Democrats as hypocritical obstructionists, liberal voters will likely be cheering them on.Republicans also noted that during the last government shutdown, Democrats lambasted the GOP for forcing a shutdown over a single issue (health care, in that case) — even though now they’re doing the same exact thing.It’ll be hard for Democrats to duck the Republicans’ charge that they’re being hypocritical after opposing the last shutdown, which took place in 2013.


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  2. Senate Democrats agreed to support a short-term spending bill Monday, bringing the government shutdown to an end. The deal keeps the government open through Feb. 8.

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