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It didn't seem as if it were on a hard floor so much as it felt soft underneath. Severus looked down at her, his eyes meeting hers as his fingers played with her red hair. Even still he couldn't believe she was here with him.

He took a deep breath, flash backs to his previous life going through his head. He was after all an adult, he can damn well talk like one."Lily wait ..." He said going down the hall she'd gone down. This corridor, at least, was mostly empty, but she kept her voice down anyway. Fighting or not, they were still in a relationship, and if the wrong thing was said they both could get into trouble for it. She changed her course and started heading for the Room of Requirement. Lily crossed her arms, her stare never wavering even as he looked away from her. "Look, I'm not exactly the president of Potter's fan club either. Maybe then he'd get it through his head and stop worrying. "I missed you." He said, despite seeing her nearly every day. Just the feel of his hand on her cheek was amazing right now.He turned and walked back towards the stairs without waiting for her response or acceptance. James opened his mouth to say something, then thought better of it, and looked back at the Quidditch game. "I have papers to mark ..." He said going into the castle.This just might be the longest conversation they'd had that end with Lily throwing something at him. After everything he'd said to Potter and he's STILL going after Lily? Severus took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself down. Potter was rich, good looking, and would turn out to be a great husband one day ... Whereas Snape was ugly, poor and more than likely going to be dead in a few short years. Heaven forbid he actually be able to enjoy them ... "Go finish watching the Quidditch game with Potter ... "Merlin's beard, Sev, I have one halfway civil conversation with the guy and you act like it's the end of the world! You seemed pretty buddy buddy with him sitting so close to you. " He said, though he kept his voice down as there were still a few students roaming the halls.Maybe didn't want to be with her anymore, and didn't know how to say it."Unless..." she said quietly, trying unsuccessfully to hide the emotion in her voice. Or maybe it hadn't turned out to be what Severus had hoped after all. Severus looked at her quickly, so quickly in fact that he felt his head swim for a second. Severus leaned forward kissing her harder as he gently pushed her back towards the pillar behind her. She felt his tongue against her lips, and parted them to let him in... But before she could decide whether she was okay with it or not, Severus withdrew, breaking the kiss, and started apologizing. it's okay," she stammered breathlessly, and looked up at him.He ran his hands over her sides, kissing her more passionately than before. And then she felt his hand slip slightly under her shirt. Lily shook her head slightly, blushing so profusely that Sev could probably feel the heat radiating off of her face. "I've missed you too." She couldn't help remembering the last time they'd been alone together in the Room of Requirement. Really."Severus stepped back taking her hands in his as he lead her backwards. "We don't have to do anything you don't want to." He said kneeling down on the blanket, his hands still in hers hoping she would join him.Well, except for that one time when James had accidentally flung Snape into a piano. Lily ran after Severus, catching up to him on the stairs. I have things to do." He said though he sounded more upset than angry. If it upsets you that bloody much, at least talk to me about it! "Why don't you just say yes to him already, save us all the trouble." He said turning from her, though he didn't really mean it.Once again his emotions where getting the better of him.but if it did that right now, it would be incredibly awkward. She knew that she could pull away right now, and he would respect that. "I just want to be close to you." She leaned forward and kissed him.Severus leaned forward into her, tilting her back until she was gently laying on the blanket.And if you don't know me better than that, then you deserve each other."She turned on her heel to storm off down a random corridor. Though his self-esteem was going to need some serious work. He leaned forward and gently pressed a kiss to her lips. The thought of it alone spurred him to deepen the kiss, though it wasn't hard and passionate. Lily supposed that was all she could really ask of him.She didn't have to stand around and listen to Severus say hurtful things to her. " He asked though he knew that wouldn't be nearly good enough. It's not as if he's been hounding after me and showing off like a great bloody idiot or anything."She sighed, trying to reign in her temper. Then again, last time he'd still been going down a pretty dark path ... "But I don't want to hear any more of this 'you deserve someone better' nonsense, okay? Even though they'd kissed before it still sent a shiver down his spine and a wave of excitement through him. In all fairness, it couldn't be easy for him to trust even her. It's been impossible to get a moment to talk." Or anything else, for that matter. They probably could have avoided that whole stupid dispute if they just got to talk more.


  1. The Ultimate Feminine Ritual, Putting On Her Bra. Reaching back and grabbing the hook & eye clasps in each hand and hooking up the bra. 51-55, T Apr 23.

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