Boa and eunhyuk dating

He had gone to watch the sunrise with his dad and was caught on film. There was an article titled ‘Eunhyuk is a Yadong Mania’. It was when that our title song ‘U’ got first for mutizen. when hyuk debuted, he keeps coveing his mouth when smiling because of his gums. His scars from the fall are visible on his right hand. Eunhyuk claims that his first appearance on television was in 1992. After the article came out, his mom called him and asked him “Did I raise you to be this way? His hobbies are studying, singing, piano, soccer and watching comedy programs. Eunhyuk a.k.a Lee Hyukjae weighs 58 kg, is 177 m high and has a blood type O 75. The members said that Eunhyuk is so shy, when he is alone with a girl, he won’t hold her hand. When Eunhyuk was younger, his family was going through financial problems and his father had health issues. On Leeteuk’s birthday in 2008, Eunhyuk stayed up all night the day before in order to record a song that he and the PD had worked together to create. on hyuk’s 6th grade, there were some girls fighting because of him. Eunhyuk doesn’t want to have a joint wedding because he wants to be the one and only main person. Has also been the co-host of (SUKIRA) with Leeteuk, a radio show that promotes Korea’s music and pop culture.

When he was in an English village,, he couldnt speak english so he gave some money to the policewoman 68. Hehe..” ucap Taemin yang dengan tiba-tiba datang menghampiri Hyoyeon. Tetap menjadi seorang Kim Hyoyeon yang rendah hati, keibuan, dan jago masak. Kau tenang saja, aku akan tetap menjadi Noona mu.” Balas Hyoyeon. “Jangan bersedih noona, ini kan hari ulang tahunmu. Mungkin dia punya kejutan lain untukmu.” Taemin mencoba menghibur Hyoyeon. Taemin dengan sikap sok dewasanya menepuk-nepuk pundak Hyoyeon. aku bahagia sekali bisa merayakan ulang tahunku dengan kalian.” Hyoyeon berdiri dan mengucapkan terima kasih kepada ke-12 member EXO. Aku ingin sekali memelukmu di hari ulang tahunmu ini.” Rengek Kai. “Eunhyuk hyung kan sedang tidak disini, berarti dia kan tidak melihatnya.” Bela Kai. Dibelakang, disamping kiri, disamping kanan, dan berjongkok didepan Hyoyeon. Hyoyeon berusaha memejamkan matanya dan menghadap ke jendela. “SAENGIL CHUKA HAMNIDA, SAENGIL CHUKA HAMNIDA, SAENGIL CHUKA KIM HYOYEON!! After this accident, Eunhyuk wore a cast for several weeks and a bandage on his hand after. There was later an article that came out that said, “Eunhyuk is a Yadong Mania”. Eunhyuk said that he wants a candy kiss in this winter 63. He is thankful to the members for supporting him even though he cannot express everything that he would like to 70. Hyoyeon once texted Eunhyuk and he replied “sorry, eunhyuk has changed his number” and hyoyeon pissed off 74. His left arm was hurt as well but was not nearly as affected. Eunhyuk is one of the easiest criers in Super Junior. Eunhyuk is known to be the stingiest member of Super Junior. During a radio show, the members voted Eunhyuk as the member who watches the most yadong (erotic videos). Eunhyuk has said that he has a hard time expressing his feelings to others. When he’s having free times, hyukkie likes to search his name into the internet, or download videos who have him in it 73. ” dengan secara tiba-tiba ke 12 member EXO datang menghampiri Hyoyeon dan berteriak. Dengan cepat Taemin dan Chanyeol menjitak kepalanya.


  1. Are the two actually dating? Stay tuned to allkpop for further details. o as i know my eunhyuk oppa is in a relationship with BoA unnie~ i have even.

  2. Facts About Eunhyuk. 1. 88. whenever eunhyuk mentions people of the same age, eeteuk will tease him about the awkward relationship with BoA.

  3. Welcome to suju_het. eunhyuk/boa; pairing eunhyuk/bom; pairing eunhyuk/fei;. the company is trying out a new publicity stunt. a dating game.

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  5. Eunhyuk was in for an unexpectedly. MXM thanks allkpop readers + Exclusive ; BoA says this. con and admit they were dating but broke up/ give.

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