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Her barbie like looks have won over porn lovers around the globe and she’s risen to be one of the most popular pornstars on Pornhub and Brazzers alike.

Bailey also entered the porn industry in 2016, we don’t think she’s in quite the same league as Layla but that really depends on whether you prefer blondes or brunettes.

If she continues the same way she has started we wouldn’t be surprised to see her pick up the best porn newcomer of 2017 award.

Nicolette is totally fake, she knows it, we know it and everyone loves it.

Bailey is smoking hot and she will be earning herself a place on our hottest blonde pornstars list when we get around to updating it.

Angela brings more curves to our list, she has an amazing figure and an impressive set of tits so if curves and big tits are you thing you’ll be right at home watching some of Angela’s scenes.

Lena, the first thing you will notice is her massive all natural tits.

Update: Unfortunately since Peta announced she was retiring she hasn’t been as active, in fact we haven’t seen a new scene on any of the top porn networks for months, maybe she will be promoted again if she ever re-enters the industry fully because she’s still one of the hottest pornstars in our eyes.If Lana doesn’t win 2017’s best pornstar at the next AVN awards then it’s a fix, she’s been one of the most active (and hottest) performers this year and she’s showing no signs of slowing down – we have a feeling Lana will be on our top pornstars list for many years to come.Susy isn’t a new pornstar, she’s been around for years, however, compared to when she first started out in porn she is a totally different women, by that we mean in the nicest way possible she wouldn’t of made it onto this list the way she used to look, but now, she’s arguably the hottest Spanish pornstar right now.Mark Top Porn Sites and its FREE porn tube sites, adult premium multisite, sex cams and world-known pornstars. The porn industry currently has more top pornstars than ever and as we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018, picking a top 10 list is getting even harder.The biggest list of the most popular best porn sites counting over 1K safe free porn videos and websites.Our collection incorporates all the best adult website links and keeps collected all good pornsite niches.Our list was lacking ebony talent, in fact the porn scene as a whole we feels was lacking some stand out ebony talent, that was until Jai entered the scene in 2017…Since we saw her first scene over at Brazzers we fell in love, we’re really hoping she doesn’t take too long to release more, a lot more.Cassidy is of course featured on our hottest black pornstars list, and we’d be fools not to add her here too.She’s gained a lot of popularity recently, you only need to take one look at her to find out why.


  1. Mark Top Porn Sites and its FREE porn tube sites, adult premium multisite, sex cams and world-known pornstars. FREE and moderated list of best porn 2018.

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