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So often we’re used to the “alpha dog” persona, it’s so sweet to see some acknowledgment that they are considering their peers as their equals.BELGIAN MEN ARE VERY LOYAL TO THEIR FAMILIES This has probably been the thing that has shocked me the most, and I’m not really sure why.TIP: This website has many millionaire Belgian men looking for women to date.Diversity in culture When getting to know a Belgian guy, ensure that you have done some background research on the country, its culture and its people.But the more I thought about this, the more I realized I have seen it in every day life since I moved here… I’m not saying men from other countries are terrible. I am definitely not saying all Belgian men are the same.I’m just saying that some Belgian men carry a lot of different gentlemen trademarks. BELGIAN MEN ARE HARD WORKING, BUT ALSO KNOW HOW TO SEPARATE THEMSELVES FROM THEIR WORK Although this is a pretty standard European way of thinking (the whole life before work philosophy us Canadians all applaud), it’s nice to know that when he’s at home, his focus will be on our family instead of having his mind stuck in his office.I, myself, was moved out of my parent’s house by 19 and only visit my grandparents once every few months.

I know a lot of Belgians who (even if they are single) still have quite a large savings account and are actively planning for their future house and children.

In general the three predominant cultures exist in the country – towards the north, the region is known as Flanders with primarily Dutch influence.

The southern part is known as Wallonia and is mainly French culturally while the northeast has more of German influence.

Nicholas) comes to town with his little black helper Zwarte Piet.

This is despite the fact that nearby Antwerp is considered the diamond capital of the world. It has a long history of export and import of diamonds, and the Diamond Office checking the quality of diamonds before shipping them further.


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