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Backdating insurance

So let me fill you in on an industry secret…Most consumers are unaware that life insurance companies use your “nearest age” rather than your actual age to calculate premiums for your policy. Let’s say you turned 60 years old on October 1st 2016.

Your actual age today is 60, so it would be logical for you to expect to receive a quote for that age.

Well, I am here today to fill you in on this super cool tip which may save you some money on your premiums.

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When you are looking at saving thousands of dollars over your 20 year term, it makes sense to cough up a few extra months of premiums to offset that loss. This client is a non smoking male, who has recently obtained a Preferred rating.

The no-loss form has you certify that there were no losses, accidents or circumstances that might give rise to a claim during from the cancellation date to the reinstatement date.

Thus, it's made very clear that if you try to make a claim for anything that occurred during this time period it would be denied.

As you can see, birthdays can cost you a lot of money in life insurance premiums.

It’s really worth it to check out backdating your life insurance policy! If you are looking to purchase life insurance, and you just had a birthday within the last couple months, there’s no need for you to be concerned about policy dating.


  1. Liability insurance that provides coverage for a claim that occurred before the insurance policy was purchased.

  2. If you have an accident without insurance coverage, is it possible to buy backdated car insurance so that you are covered? Find out here.

  3. Mar 12, 2015. Life insurance policy backdating is a strategy used to save you money on your new life insurance policy. See how it works and if it's right for you.

  4. Feb 5, 2013. Backdating of other types of insurance, such as life, is generally acceptable because the risk the insurer is taking on hasn't normally changed from what it would have been a month or two ago-- unless you are trying to take out coverage on your father who just died, in which case that would be insurance.

  5. May 14, 2012. Backdating, by definition, is the practice of putting a calendar date on any document that is earlier than the date on which that document was actually written. In some instances, it's perfectly legal. In other instances, it's not. Let's look at how backdating affects different aspects of car insurance, health.

  6. Have you heard about people who save age in life insurance? We will explain what that means and how you can backdate to save money on your policy!

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