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Says Frank, “I hope s in this house is having sex.”And then it’s time for Zach and Ashley’s big birthday bash – The Zash Bash. The Zash Bash ends with Zach and Ashley giving each other sterile, tongue-free kisses.The roommates intervene by giving Zach and Ashley a “sex box” complete with fetish gear and a bottle of Astroglide, which, as Zach noticed, has already been opened.“Do I want to knock boots?

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Priscilla’s boyfriend, Dylan, just beat Darth Vader in the “most surprised at what was under the helmet” championship.

Then it’s time for the San Diego Zombie Walk at Comic-Con.

The gang puts on makeup and stumble around the streets in broad daylight looking like the living dead, which, frankly, isn’t any different from how they behave at night. Maybe Zach will be more affectionate if she buys him a 0 pair of cowboy boots! On the phone Zach’s authoritarian father orders Zach to be a monk.

Well, if Zach and Ashley are going to let the pile of rubbers collect dust, they might as well be put to good use.

is the twenty-ninth season of MTV's reality television series Real World, which focuses on a group of diverse strangers living together for several months in a different city each season, as cameras follow their lives and interpersonal relationships.


  1. Jenna Compono Speaks Out About Zach Nichols Breakup, Reveals Strategy For. The Battle of the Bloodlines” the former “The Real World” star. Zach, as many.

  2. Why Jenna Compono And Zach Nichols Broke Up; That ‘Challenge Rivals 3’ Phone Call Explained. World. Iranian Official.

  3. Nate was annoying, Ashley was quiet, Frank over emotional, Zach a meathead, Alexandra was interesting but wallpaper, and Sam tried too

  4. It has NOT been a good day for The Real World! Earlier today, we were disgusted to hear that Real World San Diego castmember Zach Nichols made a deplorable anti-gay.

  5. This week on The Real World, the perplexingly chaste courtship between Zach and Ashley goes from tepid to lukewarm. “It’s like watching a corny Taylor Swift music.

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