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As3 textfield maxcrollv not updating

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You should be able to create a text field, change its color and attributes, position it, and use a specific font for your text field by the end of this tutorial.

We will use the Text Field Class and the Text Format Class to carry out these taks.

All these properties are directly accessed through the text field instance.

There are many which I will not talk about and which you will have to consult the built-in Action Script Reference to learn more about.


  1. I have set this that when the player hits the coin, a point should be added in fact I can see it is added trough the trace but the textField is not updating. Did I.

  2. Look, as soon as your movieclip changes frame to "glow", your textfield reference is incorrect. Dynamic Text field not updating in

  3. This is nuts I have a dynamic textfield on my stage with the instance name trackText. I have declared public var trackTextTextField;. When I trace it.

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