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As for Aquarius, it will always be very essential for them to have independence and exert freedom.

Aquarius does not like the feeling of being tied down or possessed.

When Scorpio commits to someone, they are all-in 110%.

No one else really matters as much as their partner.

Scorpio in particular is much more emotional and subjective than Aquarius is.

Aries woman is no complex, she always behaves as the way it is seen fit.If they focus on what brings them together rather than what threatens to pull them apart, their love will flourish and strengthen.These two can learn so much more about the world when as a couple than when they are apart.Scorpio and Aquarius have character traits which are not traditionally compatible, but that just makes their relationship all the more interesting.Their connection with each other is very unpredictable and has a tendency to go to extremes.Scorpio is also quite the intellectual thinker, but Scorpio tends to follow intuition more than reason.For this reason, Aquarius may not always understand where Scorpio is coming from when they say that they “feel” something is not right.Aquarius is much more passive and indifferent than Scorpio.Aquarius tends to be very mellow and does not like to spend too much time wallowing in their feelings.This means that when they get in debates or arguments, neither wants to back down.They both want the final word and they do not like to admit defeat.


  1. When he's in love, the Aries man becomes single-minded when struck by Cupid's arrow! This cardinal fire sign does not hesitate to make the first move, and he's not.

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