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Are wu chun and ella chen dating

Before the most expensive bag Ella ever bought was just a ,000 NT Chanel, but it was a present for her sister’s birthday. want to send ‘waves of hope & joy’ By Chang May Choon A NEW radio station is now available in cyberspace, starring none other than Taiwan’s top girl band S. Ella, 27, gets to be a ‘late-night deejay’, who keeps insomniacs and night owls company.____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Hear them on Internet radio Playing deejays, Taiwanese girl band S. As for Hebe, 25, she transforms into the cynical Madam Xi Bi, who plays agony aunt to young girls troubled by affairs of the heart.“When you interact with your fans, it is comforting to know that they are there for you with their support and love.” It’s not difficult to see why S. They always manage to enjoy themselves and their giggles are so infectious that they send everybody else grinning as well – sometimes without even knowing why. However, over the course of the dinner, her stepfather suffered a heart attack and died.With the Lunar New Year looming ahead, the girls have plenty of plans and dreams to fulfil. Little did anyone know that Zhou secretly left a will; while the mansion and ,000,000 would be given to his wife and step-daughter, all of his company stocks would belong to his missing birth daughter.Since the filming idol drama of “Hana Kimi” Ella was rumoured with rumoured boyfriend Wu Zun; since he was present, reporters chased after him asking if he minded?Wu Zun was just embarassed and laughed saying: “Not really, Ella is like my younger bro, she would come to my room every night.” After everyone enjoyed the feast, Ella expressed she would really like to experience a hardcore love relationship, and said: “From the start to entering the coffin, a woman will still want a love relationship.” Selina also disclosed with “lawyer guy” is hard to develop, and since tempting for program “Kang Xi” the interaction with the show assistant Chen Han Dian has been attracting. E, the bubbly trio Selina, Hebe and Ella have turned themselves into music deejays.Ella Sits on Lap Gives Kisses ~ TANK’s Heart Can’t Take It Yesterday evening, S. E went south to Kaohsiung to attend the 2008 Hito Popular Music Awards ceremony, getting the Female Group Award for 5 years in a row, S. E was extremely in a good mood, went out with the staff after to celebrate.During the celebration banquet TANK went for Ella for a kiss, Ella in front of rumoured boyfriend Wu Zun played kissy with her younger brother, TANK hung around elder sis Ella was a bit overwhelmed by her spoiling says: “My heart attack is about to start!

“The album also gives a positive message to our listeners,” says Ella. ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Song: 薔薔 / qiáng qiáng / Qiang Qiang Album: 薔薔紀念 – EP / qiáng qiáng / In Memory of Qiang Qiang – EP Artist: 陳嘉樺 / chén jiā huà / Ella Chen Release Date: August 27, 2007 Here’s an EP about a subject we don’t hear often. I myself found it extremely moving, and anyone who has lost a beloved pet will find it the same way too.

She added: ‘If I come across any eligible candidates, I would introduce the sunshine boy to Ella and the handsome one to Hebe.

But, of course, I get to pick first.’ ‘Rational’ about love Singleton Hebe professes to be the ‘most rational’ one among the trio when it comes to love, but she is unsure if that is a good thing.

” Because TANK was on stage getting an award and expressed that Ella is the female artist he would like to kiss most.

At the banquet Ella immediately sat on TANK’s lap, the two immediately played kissy.


  1. Ella Chen Chia-hwa traditional Chinese. gained extraordinary fame and made her team-up with Wu Chun. Chen also hosted a dating show Take Me Out with Harlem Yu.

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